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Document Formatting

The proper formatting of candidate resumes and documents ensures that all registrations and applications can be properly transmitted, reviewed and assessed.

The handling of electronic documents, resumes and/or graphic documents such as scanned documents requires adherence to certain guidelines to ensure the integrity of the whole documentation process.

Here are a few of these guidelines:

Resumes should be emailed or uploaded as Microsoft Word files. In the case your word processor is not Microsoft Word, please select the "Save as" command on your word processor and save your document as a Rich Text File (.rtf).

Rich Text Format is universal, and is available on and can be read by most word processors. This file format will save your Word formatting.

Do not copy and paste your resume into the main body of an e-mail. In many cases, this practice results in unreadable gibberish or at the very least removes all text formatting making its reading and evaluation very difficult.

Do not copy and paste scanned support documents into a Word document as they create huge files (from 3 to 6 MBs) and will not be extracted into our system.

Graphic based PDF resumes are not acceptable as the information they contain cannot be extracted and imported into our system. Only Microsoft Word documents, Word PDFs, Rich Text Files can be directly entered into our computerized system.




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