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AeroPersonnel recruits, leases and trains Aviation and Aerospace personnel. AeroPersonnel offers its customers a vast pool of highly qualified candidates in all walks of these industries.

It understands the demanding nature of the technical operation requirements of modern day air carriers, MRO enterprises and aerospace manufacturing organizations. In the aircraft flight and maintenance world, where lives can depend on the quality of the work provided by flight and maintenance personnel, the hiring process of this personnel takes a critical importance.

AeroPersonnel is familiar with the staffing needs related to the whole gamut of the airline passengers services required to efficiently service passengers before and after their flight. This aspect is a key element to customer satisfaction. Hiring the right passenger support candidates will go a long way to ensure customer retention.

It can also support airport operations with personnel cognizant with highly specialized requirements. It can also supply the manufacturing sector with aerospace technicians experienced in all aspects of airframe and component fabrication. For short terms projects, AeroPersonnel can supply a variety of specialized consultants, including trainers versed in all aspects of air carrier, maintenance, airport and aerospace manufacturing operations.

AeroPersonnel can also provide senior and middle management personnel specialized in all sectors of airline operations.

AeroPersonnel is about People... Aviation and Aerospace People.




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