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Document Naming Tips

As you can very well imagine, we receive thousands of registrations and applications. This means that we have on file hundreds of resumes titled "My Resume" or some other very common document names. This makes it very difficult to electronically search and sort efficiently candidate files and documents.

The important thing here is to ensure as much as possible that each document has a unique name. Putting your first and last name with the middle initial will help to that effect. Putting the family name first helps with document searching and sorting.

In the case of technical candidates (pilots and maintenance technicians), adding the aircraft type and position or document type will greatly assist employers sorting various candidates and their documents from each other.

To avoid confusion and facilitate searching and sorting documents, here are a few name suggestions.

For resumes:

- CV Smith John E, B737NG PIC.doc for a line captain
- CV Smith John E, B737EFIS TRI.doc for a TRI
- CV Smith John E, B727 FO.doc   for a first officer
- CV Smith John E, B737NG TECH.doc for a maintenance technician
- CV Smith John E, .doc for a non technical resume


For documents:

- Smith John E, FAA ATPL A.jpg for the front side of an FAA license
- Smith John E, JAA ATPL B.jpg for the back side of a JAA license
- Smith John E, ICAO CPL A.jpg   for the front side of an ICAO license
- Smith John E, FAA Medical.jpg for a FAA medical certificate
- Smith John E, Passport.jpg for a passport
- Smith John E, B737NG CourseCert.jpg for a course certificate
- Smith John E, ProfCheck A.jpg for the first page of a proficiency check
- Smith John E, ProfCheck B.jpg for the second page of a proficiency check





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