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AeroPersonnel Global is an international personnel agency dedicated to Aviation. It is much more than a simple recruitment agency. It supports all HR recruitment functions from labour market surveys, package design, advertising programs, screening, induction to period of service assistance. Similarly it supports candidates from beginning to the end of their employment experience, from application, selection, induction to end of contract.

Amongst other actions:

AeroPersonnel assists and supports Human Resources Departments by providing them with labour market surveys. It helps them design and fine-tune employment packages that are attractive to candidates and competitive with competitors. It provides advertising assistance to its customers.

It provides support to customers and candidates through all phases of the recruitment process (pre-screening, screening and post screening) and during the period of employment.

AeroPersonnel is selective in choosing airlines it wants to work with. It works with airlines that have well established foreign pilot departments and have fair expat pilot management policies. It has walked away from airlines when contract terms were unbalanced.

AeroPersonnel is also selective in presenting only fully qualified candidates to its customers. Once candidates have been accepted and are invited for a screening, it assists these candidates to better prepare and be successful with their selection process through its pre-screening program.

AeroPersonnel maintains a policy of full disclosure with its candidates. Its provides candidates with full detailed airline/job information, including copies of the full employment contract at the time of candidate's initial application.

For more information on AeroPersonnel, you can download its brochure by clicking below.

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