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Writing a Good Resume

Writing a good resume can be a simple affair or it can become a confusing task. A resume should be the true portrait of a candidate. Do not let it become a hyped-up document overstating education, experience and achievements. But be also careful that your resume does not undersell you. Trying to make everything fit in the proverbial single page and leaving out important information about your professional profile is not a good strategy.

Keep also in mind that many large corporations, airlines included, now use computerized recruitment database. Many of these systems will extract the information from your resume and enter it directly into their database. This information will be later used to rank candidates by searching and counting certain keywords in a resume.

For this reason, put all your information in the body of your document. Do not use the header or footer sections to put information as these will not be read by computerized systems.

These new technical advances create new demands on how a resume is built-up and how it is written up. Use standard formatting. Present your information in a well organized way. Putting photo or other graphic elements in you resume hinders the automated handling of your resume. Send them as attachment to your email.

It is today very important for a resume be clear, concise and well structured.

More specifically, resumes should, at minimum, have the following information regrouped by sections in the following order of presentation:

- Career or employment objective.
- General personnel information including full contact information (with e-mail address), citizenship information as required.
- Education information both academic and technical.
- Employment history including name of employer, position held, start and end dates of employment (with position and aircraft type information for pilots and maintenance technicians), start with latest employment and proceed back in time, avoid leaving voids in the time line.
- For technical personnel, licenses, certificates and/or qualification information (including aircraft courses and endorsement and other special qualifications) in their field of specialty.
- A list of references including at least three persons, including a past supervisor (current employers are not contacted unless authorized by candidates).
- Candidates should feel free to add any information that would provide relevant data to their candidacy

With the exception of titles or sub-titles, candidates should avoid writing their resume in capital letters or in bold letters.

Please see or download the sample resumes as example of simple and easy to evaluate resumes.

General Resume Download

Maintenance Technician Resume Download


Important Footnote

Please keep in mind that initial communications with candidates are through airmails. Make sure that your email address is on your resume. When your email address is present in your resume, it is automatically transferred in your file with AeroPersonnel.

In the same vain, make sure your contact information (name, address, phone/fax numbers and email address) is not in the header or footer part of your resume. They must be in the body of the resume to be picked up by our computerized system.




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