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Selection Process

AeroPersonnel reviews all resumes sent in and evaluate them in regard to customer hiring criteria for current opportunities. If the resume does not contain enough information to ascertain that the candidate meets requirements, an information request is sent to that candidate. If no information is received from a candidate within the next 15 days, that candidate will be considered as not meeting the requirements.

When a candidate does not match an open position hiring criteria, his/her resume will be filed in accordance with his/her professional profile and core competencies (Such as by aircraft types in the case of pilots and technicians) for future reference. Candidates are advised when they do not meet selection criteria.

When a candidate meets the requirements, he/she will be notified so and sent the General Terms of Employment (GTE) for the position applied for. If any documents are missing, notice to that effect will accompany the GTE transmittal. No application will be further processed until confirmation that the GTE are acceptable and that any required documents have been received. If no confirmation and or documents are received within the next 15 days, the candidate will be considered as not accepting the GTE.

Once a candidate's file is complete, i.e. all required documents are on file, it is sent to Clients for initial evaluation. Candidates are notified of their file's transmittal to Client.

As required by Clients, AeroPersonnel will conduct phone interviews, reference and background checks and arrange for psychometric testing of short listed candidates.

In the case personal interviews and/or technical evaluations are required by Clients, AeroPersonnel will coordinate these in cooperation with Clients. All pre-approved travel expenses are paid by Clients.

Candidates having successfully completed the full selection process receive a Conditional Letter of Employment (CLE) from Clients or AeroPersonnel depending on the circumstances. The CLE in most cases is conditional upon the issuance by the relevant governmental authorities of either a Security Clearance, a License Validation, and/or an Employment Visa as the case may be.

Important Footnote

Please keep in mind that the selection process is predicated on the accuracy of the information supplied by each candidate. Missing information on a resume or on a qualification form or missing support documents seriously hinders the selection process. Candidates that have supplied all the required support information and documentation in a timely fashion will always have the edge at selection time.




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