Why AeroPersonnelConnect

After being involved in expat pilot recruitment for the last 25 years, AeroPersonnel is now concentrating its efforts in a new direction. The new mission is simple. The focus is straightforward, supporting aviation professionals in their career progression and assisting recruiters to meet their staffing requirements with a sophisticated application tracking system easy and friendly to use.


Taking advantage of the slowdown caused by the pandemic, the AeroPersonnel Team sat down with this objective in mind, reviewing our past experience with aviation job posting sites and application tracking systems. Over the course of our 25 year of recruitment activities, we had the opportunity to use many aviation job posting sites on a daily basis. Additionally, we reviewed over 15 application tracking systems, including full demonstrations.


From a candidate perspective, we noted that with most current job posting sites:


  • There is no direct interactivity between candidates and employers,

  • Most sites can only handle a single resume at a time. Once this resume is posted, that’s it. If a resume needs to be updated, it must be re-uploaded.

  • There are no document storage capabilities. No other document can be uploaded, stored, downloaded, updated, etc...

  • It is not possible to safeguard professional documents on current posting sites.

  • No current posting sites offer candidate privacy settings. For example, a candidate, who is currently employed and is inquiring about other opportunities, might not be interested in his current employer finding that he is considering leaving.

  • Automation with the application process is not available. For instance, it is not possible for a candidate to enlist for an automatic application option.

  • No direct email candidate/recruiter communications are available on current posting sites. It is not possible to establish direct bilateral contacts between candidates and recruiters.

  • The absence of progress reports during the recruitment process is a major beef with candidates. This is a problem widely reported.

Recruiters also miss functionalities that would help them in their day-to-day activities.

  • Candidate search accuracy with most posing sites is a problem. Many times, a simple search for an A320 captain will generate a candidate list including A320 captains, A320 first officers, A320 maintenance technician, A320 qualified flight attendants, etc…

  • Automated applicant tracking notification options are missing on most application tracking system. Candidates are not advised of their progress through the recruitment process.

  • Direct candidate/recruiter communications are difficult

  • Automated document handling and online storage capabilities (information leaflet, newsletters, company application forms, etc.) are not offered.

  • Interoperability between applicant tracking systems is a problem. It is not possible to establish two-way communications between internal and external application tracking systems.

  • Most applicant tracking systems lack flexibility and handling candidates throughout the recruitment process.


Many more instances of weaknesses and lack of flexibility with current posting sites and application tracking system could be added to this list.

With this in mind, we decided to develop an online application that would significantly facilitate the recruitment process for both candidates and recruiters and also would let aviation professionals establish a professional profile that could be easily updated over the course of their career.
This new service is called AeroPersonnelConnect. It is a dedicated aviation employment tool serving both candidates and recruiters for local or worldwide use. It is much more than just a simple aviation job posting site. It combines an interactive job posting site with sophisticated application tracking system. Both modules are hosted in the same software application, available worldwide 24/7.

AeroPersonnelConnect offers a unique state-of-the-art tool for aviation professionals to initiate and manage their professional path throughout their career. In the same fashion, it helps recruiters to simplify the management of their recruitment process. This is a unique combination, there is nothing like it on aviation labor markets. It is dedicated to all the aviation industry employment sectors worldwide.


 Have a close look at AeroPersonnelConnect. Dig in and see for yourself.