Employer Benefits

AeroPersonnelConnect is a worldwide aviation employment connection hub directly linking candidates and employers. It is designed specifically to serve the aviation and aerospace industry. It combines a high level interactive job posting site with a sophisticated recruitment management system (ATS). It hosts candidates and employers/recruiters on the single online software platform.

The combined interactive job posting and recruitment management modules offer advanced functionalities compared to separate conventional job posting sites and recruitment management systems. AeroPersonnelConnect hosts both modules on a single online platform. This allows for a high degree of recruitment efficiency. It presents a significant number of unique and highly desirable advantages.

AeroPersonnelConnect is designed to handle local and/or in-country recruitment as well as international/expat recruitment. Each customer account is confidential and account/file access is restricted to employers designated users.

AeroPersonnelConnect is your global aviation employment meeting place. It offers employers unique job application automated functionalities.

AeroPersonnel Global offers flexible plans and friendly pricing. By combining a job posting site with an ATS system, AeroPersonnelConnect cuts the combined fees by half. You get two for the price of one. Do not wait, contact us now for more information on AeroPersonnelConnect.

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