Member Benefits

AeroPersonnelConnect serves to types of aviation professionals.

The first type regroups professionals who want to create a personal library of their professional  profile and professional documents. These can be all sorts of documents related to their work life, resumes, professional profiles, letters of recommendation, assessment results, course certificates, even technical documents as pilot licenses, medical certificates, type ratings, etc... Your documents are available at any time, wherever you are in the world. Simply connect to AeroPersonnelConnect and view, download or email any of your documents via your computer, tablet or phone.

The second type regroups candidates actively looking for employment. AeroPersonnelConnect is simply the most sophisticated recruitment tool available today. It combines an advanced interactive job posting site with an application tracking system, managing all aspects of the recruitment process for candidates as well as for recruiters/employers. Both are based in a single online software application. It allows for direct bilateral communications between candidates and employers without having to use another application.

Using AeroPersonnelConnect interactive posting module, members can create profiles customized to their own liking. Once a base profile has been created, it  is simply a matter of accessing AeroPersonnelConnect to add new employment, new qualifications (technical or otherwise) to it. This profile becomes a living document expanding as your career is progressing. It becomes a document always up-to-date and available at the simple touch of a keyboard key.

AeroPersonnelConnect can assist candidates by automating the application process as well as tracking the progress of their application(s) through each of the employer recruitment stages.

AeroPersonnelConnect offers unique privacy options. It lets its users decide how they want to be seen by selecting one of the options available in the 'Privacy Settings' field in the Base Profile screen. Here they are:

  • The 'Private' setting option keeps a file private, it is used to establish a permanent living profile or to simply safeguard professional documents on AeroPersonnelConnect.

  • For senior executives, the 'Confidential' setting will hide name/personal contact info and the last three employers information while letting their qualifications remain visible. They can be reached via a discrete email address.

  • The 'Passive' setting is used to stay informed on current opportunities but not actively seeking new employment. Members are included in email messages from employers and are visible and reachable by employers.

  • The 'Active' setting is used by candidates seeking employment. They are also visible and reachable by employers.

See below for details on each of AeroPersonnelConnect's major membership benefits