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Training Services

China Difference Training

AeroPersonnel assists its candidates preparing for screenings with a Chinese airlines. Contrarily to Western airlines, Chinese airlines and the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) put a lot of emphasis on manual aircraft handling.

Simulator evaluations and CAAC flight tests include a significant number of system malfunctions requiring manual handling of the aircraft without any automation under difficult flight conditions. Lack of proper preparation for screenings and/or CAAC flight tests leads to many avoidable candidate failures.

AeroPersonnel assists its candidates by offering them access to a China Differences Training Course. This course involves a combination of ground school, fixed base and full flight simulator training, preparing candidates for their Chinese simulator evaluations and flight tests. The course material comes from expat pilots who have gone through the Chinese evaluation/testing process.


Aircraft Type Rating Training

As a general rule, airlines or corporate air carriers require contract pilots to be qualified and current on the aircraft they are applying a position for. Moreover, some airlines will require candidates to have a remaining currency period of at least three months after their entry into service before any recurrent training is required.

Some of AeroPersonnel's clients will consider candidates who meet all the other technical criteria (total time, PIC time, PIC time on type, etc..) with the exception of the currency requirement on the condition that these candidates get current before the start of their period of service.

While many fight simulator training organizations can provide this type of training, this is usually a highly expensive proposition for individual candidates. Training providers are more geared towards airline customers and find it difficult to handle individuals in a cost effective manner.

AeroPersonnel can assist to reduce the financial burden associated with this type of recurrency training. It has put into place agreements with several Approved Training Organizations providing level D simulator training on a variety of aircraft types meeting ICAO, JAA and/or FAA regulatory requirements.

It can pass on to candidates volume pricing advantages leading to significant savings for all kinds of simulator training. By pairing candidates, it is also possible to further reduce training costs.

Do not hesitate to inquire about the training opportunities offered through AeroPersonnel.


Maintenance Aircraft Type Endorsement Training

AeroPersonnel can also assist aircraft maintenance technicians who would like to add aircraft type endorsements to their qualifications. Training can also encompass aircraft taxi and run-up qualifications for candidates already endorsed on the aircraft.

Let us know if AeroPersonnel could assist you in your advanced maintenance training requirements.


Other Training Requirements

Please get in touch with us if you have any specialized training requirements that were not mentioned above.



Full Flight Simulator Availability

AeroPersonnel has put in place a Training Agreement with CAE that provides fast track access (pending simulator slot availability) to all the CAE Training Centers located in the Americas (North, Central and South).





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