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Staffing Solutions

Whether staffing requirements are for short or long term duration, AeroPersonnel offers solutions to match all the needs of its customers notwithstanding how unique they can be.

Personnel Recruitment

AeroPersonnel can recruit for direct or contract employment whether for temporary or permanent positions. It offers support through the whole recruitment process, or as required, provide assistance with only certain specific elements such as:

- Initial Search and Screening
- Candidate Evaluation
- Candidate Reference Checks
- Candidate Selection and Hiring


Personnel Leasing

AeroPersonnel can also provide personnel on a leasing basis. This approach is often more cost effective in the case of periods of peak activities of short duration, such as seasonal peak demand periods, regular staff undergoing training, rapid growth, etc..., leading to temporary personnel shortage.

This is especially true in the case of new organizations going through their start-up phase and/or undergoing rapid growth. External contract personnel is often needed to assist and/or train regular personnel at start-up until such a time the less experienced permanent personnel have had enough time to gain experience to be fully autonomous or in the case of copilots be promoted to captain rank.

AeroPersonnel can support airlines by supplying them with field teams to support heavy maintenance and modification work on a number of different aircraft types. These teams, holding FAA, EASA and/or ICAO certification, can be deployed on an ad-hoc basis for short term requirements at the facilities of its customer.


Recruitment Teams

In the case of one-off recruitment campaigns for non-technical personnel such as flight attendants, passenger agents, call center personnel, and other non-specialized personnel, under the supervision of its customers' HR Department, AeroPersonnel can supply recruitment teams that offer turn-key services encompassing:

- Position Advertising
- Candidate Pre-selection
- Personal Interviews
- Background and Reference Checks
- Candidate Final Selection
- Initial Job Training

This approach is particularly effective in the case of irregular recruitment campaigns to recruit a large number of candidates at any one time. Because of the irregular nature of such recruitment activities and the high number of candidates to be recruited at one particular time, this type of campaigns severely stretches HR resources. AeroPersonnel can easily handle these high intensity recruitment activities without disrupting normal and current HR operations.


Payroll Services

AeroPersonnel also provides payroll services to facilitate quick and efficient salary payment on a worldwide basis.


Outplacement Services

Excess personnel, whether temporary or permanent, seasonal or ad hoc, can be a serious financial burden.

While AeroPersonnel assists its customers when they experience personnel shortage, the reverse is also true. AeroPersonnel can assist under these circumstances by repositioning redundant personnel with other employers on a temporary or permanent basis.






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