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Medical Insurance Coverage

While medical coverage is provided by most airlines hiring expat pilots, this coverage ceases upon employment termination. A major medical event could lead to a loss of license and subsequent termination. This would leave a pilot (or family member) lying in an expensive expat medical facility without medical or repatriation coverage. Private medical coverage is strongly recommended for all, including accompanying family members.

AeroPersonnel provides access medical services and medication insurance coverage to personnel on contract throughout the world. This coverage is provided by BUPA International of London.

AeroPersonnel also makes this coverage available to all aviation and aerospace personnel registered with AeroPersonnel whether or not on contract through AeroPersonnel.

Coverage can include doctor services, hospital services, outpatient clinic visits, prescribed medication and medevac services to the country of permanent residence. All coverage is subject to approval by BUPA International.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information on the various coverage plans available.

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