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Aircraft Flight Services

AeroPersonnel offers flexible aircraft flight services covering the gamut of services from ferry flights to test flights. It can support on a worldwide basis aircraft from the major airliner manufacturers such as Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier, Embraer and most aircraft in the corporate fleet.

AeroPersonnel aircraft flight services cover the following:

Ferry Flights

  • Delivery flights
  • Repositioning flights
  • Maintenance positioning flights
  • Repossession flights

Test Flights

  • Acceptance flight tests
  • Aircraft return flight tests
  • Post maintenance flight tests
  • Aircraft airworthiness status monitoring flight tests
  • Customer flight crew monitoring flights

As required, the above services can be provided as a total package or can be customized to fit customer requirements.


Ferry Flights

By definition, ferry flights involve moving aircraft from point A to point B. This involves different logistics than in the case of test flights. The latter in most cases involves flights from a single point and return to the same point.

AeroPersonnel can provide highly experienced flight crews for any commercial transport aircraft. It also can provide total project management for any mission profile. This includes:

  • Total mission planning and control including financial forecast, flight/landing clearances, flight following and reporting;
  • Flight crew documentation including technical, diplomatic and security clearances;
  • Aircraft documentation and airworthiness status verification, aircraft equipment and performance analysis;
  • Logistic support including flight navigation planning, flight crew positioning, aircraft provisioning, fueling and ground support;
  • Detailed mission financial forecast and expense report;
  • Detailed technical and operational mission report.

Our objective is to provide our ferry fight services in the most efficient and cost effective fashion.


Test Flights

Aircraft flight tests do not demand the extensive mission support that ferry flights require. But they demand detailed and exacting precision while evaluating aircraft and their systems.

  • Flight test activities are conducted in accordance with specific customer and regulatory requirements;
  • Flight tests follow customer requested flight profiles and can cover comprehensive functional evaluation of all aircraft systems;
  • All tests activities are provided in a professional and independent fashion.
  • Test flights are supported by detailed technical reports covering the elements under evaluation in customer selected report format.

AeroPersonnel can provide independent airworthiness assessments that provide a clear picture of the airworthiness status of each aircraft being evaluated. All evaluations and reviews are done in accordance with customer and regulatory requirements.








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